08 – Commit to Buy & Best Offer

uBuyFirst is the only current newly listed BIN software that allows users to purchased directly through eBay's API and be able to make offers directly from the application. Having this ability allows for a seamless buying process that saves valuable time when you've made the decision to buy. Using

07 – Item Properties Panel

Item properties panel can be configured to show any listing information in a separate panel from the main search results grid. This is typically useful when you wish to keep the results column clean with basic listing information but would like to see other details before making a purchasing

06 – Highlight Words & Phrases in Description

Making best use of the description panel will greatly assist in making fast, accurate and smart purchasing decisions. In this tutorial we'll explain the basics of highlighting words or phrases. Description The description area will contain the exact item description information from the seller

05 – Authenticating eBay Account

uBuyFirst has the functionality to bring in all item specifics, seller information and item details from a listing. In addition, you'll also be able to purchase directly though the application and make an offer when available. In order to get the most details for items and buy directly through the

04 – Search Results Configuration

Similar to panels the Search Results grid can be configured to show listing data as you see best fit. Buyers with less complicated buying criteria can include only basic item information where complex buying criteria will need other listing data. This tutorial will show you have to configure listing

03 – Using Panels and Workspaces

One of the most beneficial features of uBuyFirst is having the ability to configure listing information anyway you need. In this tutorial, we'll explain how to setup a basic layout to include all the essential item information within an eBay listing. Panel Overview uBuyFirst breaks listing

02 – Basic Keyword Search Term Setup

After you've downloaded and installed uBuyFirst, you're ready to setup your keywords and start searching for those newly listed deals! This guide will teach you how to setup basic keywords records to search for. Setting Up Main Keyword Search Terms Open uBuyFirst Click HOME > KEYWORDS from the

01 – Download and Install

To get started buying items on eBay with uBuyFirst, you first need to download and install the application. If you already have, Great! If you haven't, visit the download page and click on the trial version link below the subscription packages. Enter in your name and email address and a