Our Mission:

Develop powerful buying software to help serious entrepreneurs win lots of newly listed Buy-It-Now deals on eBay

Why uBuyFirst Exist

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of “Buy-It-Now” items are listed on eBay. A small percentage of these items are listed by sellers with prices below market value creating great buying opportunities. However, most sell within a few seconds to a few minutes of being listed. The average buyer won’t even have a chance to view the listing before it’s sold. That’s where uBuyFirst comes in!
Number of Listings on eBay Per Day
Around 1 Million
% of Under Valued Deals
> 5%
Average Time Before Deals Are Bought
5 -30 seconds

How uBuyFirst Helps

uBuyFirst focuses on three core components. Find first, decide quickly and checkout fast. 

Our software delivers search results quickly so you’ll have the best chance of buying the best deals. See all listing details, pictures and item specs any way that you can image. 

Consider it a custom search experience! Lastly,  you’ll have the ability to checkout for an item directly from the app.

Our Story

We started out in the cell phone industry buying iPhone and Android devices from carrier auctions and cell phone wholesalers and exporting them to Asia.  As a supplemental way to acquire devices, we used eBay to purchase units one at a time by the thousands each month. 

Some software existed but nothing with the rich features and speed like we wanted so we developed our own internal software. 

Years later, our business model changed and stopped cell phone trading but saw an opportunity with the software we had created. We tweaked a few things and offered it out not knowing what to expect and within a few months we had a handful of clients who found a lot of value in uBuyFirst. The rest as they say, is history!

Our team



Dustin drives uBuyFirst’s strategic vision and guides the development teams workload. Before uBuyFirst Dustin founded a mobile phone buyback & recycling company and was an E-Commerce Director for a telecom retailer.


Desktop Development lead

Roman fearlessly ensures our desktop application is always on top of it’s game. His great work ethic, problem solving skills and ability to quickly learn new technologies shine vibrantly throughout uBuyFirst desktop. 


lite development lead

Ivan paves the way for the lite/browser version of uBuyFirst. He specializes in modern technology stacks and is passionate about cloud frameworks, user friendly UI experiences and adapting SCRUM development methodology.



Amarildo assists financial reporting and growth strategies. He’s also the Founder/CEO of  Adro and a Professor of Data Analytics and Visualization at Yushiva University.

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