Default Browser Settings to View eBay Listings

Users may prefer to have listings open in specific browsers based on their personal preferences. Additionally, multi ebay account users may wish to purchase various segments of items with a different eBay account and specify a different browser for each. This way, each account always stays logged in

Using Keyword and Local Filters to Exclude Countries

Sometimes you might want to filter eBay items by the item location and you can do just that by using both the filters on the keyword search level as well as using  local filters. Keyword or Local Filter? Keyword Level - Include just one item location per search term. Ex: If I wanted to see items

Using Panels and Workspaces – 2

To view which panels are currently active: - Click VIEW > PANELS Check marks will be present next to items that are active. The above picture shows these panels location. If the panel is not present and you would like it to be, simply click the panel name on the VIEW > PANELS menu and

10 – Other Settings and Features – Advanced

Outside of it's core functionality, uBuyFirst has many other settings and features buyers can use to win more newly listed "Buy-It-Now" only items on eBay. In this tutorial, we'll explain these features and how they'll help you to find items first, decide quickly and buy before your

Using Multiple eBay Accounts & Browsers

uBuyFirst allows you to use more than one eBay account when buying. Many users buy in more than one main category for varied reasons. NOTE: This is for advanced users Buy in two main categories and separate purchases by product type within different eBay account. Prevent competition from seeing

Setup Pushbullet for New eBay Listings

**Currently PushBullet will not work on iOS. We are working on an alternate solution** Setting up pushbullet will allow you to view eBay listings while away from your PC on your Android mobile devices or using the Pushbullet browser addons for Firefox and Chrome. Now you can win more of those newly