multiple-ebay-accounts-4 uBuyFirst allows you to use more than one eBay account when buying. Many users buy in more than one main category for varied reasons. NOTE: This is for advanced users

  • Buy in two main categories and separate purchases by product type within different eBay account.
  • Prevent competition from seeing bid activity for other items purchased.
  • Have multiple employees purchasing and separate their purchases with separate accounts.
  • Prevent buying violation thresholds from being meet which prevent buying from sellers that have these buying requirements set. (Rules are made for normal buyers where if buying hundreds of items a month, it’s normal for a few items to make it to “unpaid” if seller refunds payment doesn’t cancel the transaction within eBay).
multiple-ebay-accounts [caption id="attachment_1148" align="alignnone" width="388"]multiple-ebay-accounts-2 Add additional eBay accounts by clicking the “+” icon. Then use the up/down arrows to select the default account to be used.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1149" align="alignnone" width="775"]multiple-ebay-accounts-3 When buying directly through uBuyFirst or using the Make Offer option, the “eBay Account” field will appear and give the user the option to select which account they want to use. The default account selected in the “eBay Accounts” menu will be selected by default.[/caption]

Multiple Browsers

In addition to using multi-accounts to buy within uBuyFirst, users will benefit from designating a specific browser to use for items that require checkout through the browser (require immediate payment). Using multiple browsers allows each browser instance to be dedicated to a specific eBay login and therefore always remain logged in and prevent the need from having to log out of a specific eBay account and log back into to another. This saves valuable time that a buyer might sacrifice the benefit of using multiple accounts without having such functionality.
  • Default browser uses PC default
  • If more than one eBay account, browser selection is designated within the “eBay Accounts” settings of UBF
  • Browser is used if the buy button is pressed & item cannot be bought through UBF (require immediate payment)
  • eBay Account/Browser association is set by using a filter rule using the “Buy
multiple-ebay-accounts-5 Flow with two eBay accounts and two different browsers shown below. Multi-eBay-Account]]>

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