keywords-ebay-buying-software After you’ve downloaded and installed uBuyFirst, you’re ready to setup your keywords and start searching for those newly listed deals! This guide will teach you how to setup basic keywords records to search for.

Setting Up Main Keyword Search Terms

  1. Open uBuyFirst
  2. Click HOME > KEYWORDS from the main menu navigation
  3. The keywords panel will popup (re size to fit screen if needed)
  4. Click the “+” button in the upper right corner of the Keywords panel to add a main search term.
  5. A new record will appear in the “eBay Searches” section of the keywords panel.
  6. Enter “Alias”; which is an internal name you use for this specific search. Ex: “i5” (for iPhone 5). (required)
  7. Enter “Keywords” to be searched just as you would on eBay’s website. (required)
  8. Check if you want to “Search In Description” for your keywords (for advanced users) (optional)
  9. Enter in the “Price Min” and “Price Max” for your new search term. (required)
  10. Enter in “Category ID” if you want your search keyword to only search within a specific category. (optional)
  11. Enter in “Condition” of all item conditions you want to return, or select “All”. (optional)
  12. Enter in “Site” country for the eBay country site you want to search for items in. (optional)
  13. Enter in “Located In” to designate ITEM LOCATION parameters or click “ANY”. (optional)
  14. Enter “Ships to” country to filter all items that must ship to a specific country location. (optional)
  15. Enter in your shipping “Zipcode” so uBuyFirst can calculate actual shipping cost to the “Total Price” field automatically. (optional / recommended)
  16. Enter in Sellers to exclude as well as seller type (optional)
  17. Ensure the check box to the far left of the keyword record is enabled.
  18. Repeat for each keyword search term you wish to search eBay for.
When first getting started, leave the “Interval” , “Filter” and “Threads” options alone. We’ll cover these in the advanced search setup features tutorial.]]>

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