Download & Installation

To get started, let’s download and install uBuyFirst.

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PC Requirements

Ensure your PC has the minimum and/or recommended hardware for the best possible experience.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Intel i3 Series or AMD Equivalent
  • 2 Gigabytes of Ram DDR2
  • 40 MB of Hard Drive space for installation
  • High Speed Internet
  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Widescreen 17 Inch Monitor

Recommended Requirements

  • Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Intel i7 Series or AMD Equivalent
  • 4 Gigabytes of Ram DDR3/4
  • 200MB of Hard Drive Space (Solid State Drive Recommended)
  • High Speed Internet with Fast Download Speeds
  • Widescreen 24+ Inch  Dual Monitors
  • Microsoft .Net Framework

In addition to these specs, you’ll want to ensure your virus protection service and/or windows firewall is set to allow uBuyFirst through security screening.

Helpful Links:

Download uBuyFirst

Trial, Free or Subscription users all have the same download procedure.

  1. Visit webpage
  2. Click on the “Download” menu link located at the top of the page.
  3. Free/Trial users click on the “Free 30 Day Trial” link below the subscription options or click the “Free” subscription option.
  4. Subscription users will click on a subscription package and complete the checkout process.
  5. Both ways will result in an email being sent to the email address provided containing a link to download uBuyFirst.

Installing uBuyFirst

  1. Locate the uBuyFirst.exe install file from your browsers download section.
  2. Double click or right click and open the install file.
  3. Follow install instructions for install directory path.
  4. Agree to terms and conditions
  5. Finish installation. By default, uBuyFirst will open once completed.

Helpful Links:

Activating License Key

uBuyFirst comes with an unrestricted 30 day free Enterprise trial period that does not require a license. After this time, the software will convert to the free version and limit some advanced user features. For users who have since subscribed or are initially subscribing, entering your license key will ensure your copy of uBuyFirst has all package level features unlocked.

  1. Visit and visit the download section.
  2. Select a paid subscription package and complete the checkout process.
  3. An email will be sent to the provided email address with license key and download link.
  4. Download and Install uBuyFirst if you haven’t already done so.
  5. Open uBuyFirst and navigate from the top menu to HELP > SUBSCRIPTION INFO
  6. A dialog box will appear showing your License Status and/or days left during your trial period
  7. Copy/Paste or type in the License Key provided in the email into the License Key field.
  8. Click Activate
  9. License key will be checked and upon verification will provide instruction to restart the application.
  10. Close and Exit uBuyFirst entirely and re-open the program.
  11. You can verify license key activation by again navigating to HELP > SUBSCRIPTION INFO from the top menu.


  • All emails from uBuyFirst will come from support [at] ubuyfirst dot com . Please add this email address to your white list if you’re not receiving emails.
  • Please contact us if you have any issues during download and installation.