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Powerful eBay Buying Software

Do you need to search eBay faster?

Are other buyers winning deals you want to purchase?

We know you’re a serious power buyer so we focus all our efforts to help the top 10% of buyers profit and win more newly listed Buy-It-Now deals on eBay.

Give us a few moments to show you how our software can help you find more items first, make quick purchasing decisions & increase your profits with uBuyFirst.

Why You're In The Right Place

Background Intro

We were once power buyers purchasing $100,000+ / month in electronics one at a time on eBay for 5+ years and created our own internal software specific for high volume buyers on eBay.

We've Been In Your Shoes

We know what it's like to run this type of business, sitting in the chair waiting for new listings & processing incoming packages. The thrill of quickly winning that newly listed item never gets old!

Tailored for Power Buyers

Other tools are "one size fits all" and we realize this approach doesn't work for the most serious buyers. Our features are specific for professional users with various needs across a wide range of products.

User Feedback & Support

90% of our feature enhancements come from user request or periodic questionnaires. Our development team and management actively help support our users with care and mindset that we can always improve.

Our Software Advantages

Planes & Pricing

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Trial / Desktop

FREE 30 Days
  • Find Deals Fast
  • Most Powerful Desktop App
  • Tons of Customization
  • Continue to use after 30 days for free with all core features.

Web App / Lite

FREE Forever
  • Runs on any browser
  • Search with same FAST speed
  • Saved Search Terms
  • Lite version with basic functionality & features

Our clients say

uBuyFirst has helped our business purchase thousands of office related items to resell over the last 3 years. We can't thank them enough for their support and couldn't imagine buying without them.
Hilary Leigh
Office Supplies Buyer
From the first day I came on board, uBuyFirst was there to help me setup the program, listened to feature request I've suggested and always felt like they were part of my team and success.
Hall Read
Collectible Buyer
"I developed a search app that "worked" but took up too much of my time that I could otherwise spend to buy more deals. The uBuyFirst team knows what serious buyers need and they deliver in their tools.
Quintin Angus
Medical Supplies Buyer
I've been with uBuyFirst since 2016 and they always stay on-top of speedy results and features that allow me to win more deals. They often give me little suggestions to help my overall business too.
Jillie Tempest
PC Parts Buyer

Frequently asked questions

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of items are listed on eBay. Many of these products are significantly under priced when the seller isn’t aware of the market value or simply needs cash and wants to sell fast. These deals can be found across all categories and products!​

It’s as simple as buy low, sell high. These items are newly listed “Buy-It-Now” deals, not auctions. So this requires you to be in front of your PC (or get mobile notifications) when a new items is listed. And you need to act fast! The best deals are purchased within minutes of going live.​

Sure, there’s many others trying to win the best deals but there’s always room for savvy entrepreneurs who already have or can carve out a niche for a specific category of products. The software you use can also make a big difference on the number of products you’re able to purchase.​

We were once “power buyers” buying thousands of items a month on eBay for 5+ years! Our experience helped us develop our own custom software to win more deals and now we’re offering it to you! We also offer strategies, advice and ideas for newbies and pro buyers alike!​

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