ebay-search-keywords-ebay-buying-software Version brings new functionality and a new layout for keyword search terms. Creating and updating keyword terms will be easier and much faster to setup and modify on the fly. Functionality for bulk search terms using local filtering will benefit users with many like items with small variants to each product. Filtering for these “sub searches” is done locally allowing more main searches to be run. Overall, this will reduce network and machine resources and allow greater chances to find newly listed items first.

 Access to search term setup

  • From the ribbon menu: Home> Keywords
  • The search terms setup has also been added as a dock panel and can be accesses from View > Panels > eBay Searches

Search Term Interface

  1. Add new main search term
  2. Add new sub search term
  3. Delete selected search term
  4. Import/Export Search Terms (CSV file format)
  5. Keyword columns
    1. To rearrange the columns – Click and hold with your mouse and drag over.
    2. Remove/Include columns – Right click on any column header and select “Column Chooser”. A “Customization” window will popup. Then click and hold a column header with your mouse and drag inside/outside the customization box.

Adding New Main Search Term

  • Click the add main search term button
  • Alias – Internal reference name for search. Make this short and sweet.
  • Keywords – Enter in keyword to search for items
    • For bulk users – If searching for many different models of iPhones, enter “iPhone” only for the search term. This will bring back all results for iPhones where we’ll create sub searches later for filtering them out to each unique purchasing variants (model, carrier etc.)
  • Enter Price Min/Max
    • For bulk users, enter in max price for the most expensive item in your list for this search group. Ex: If I’m searching for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 where the max price for each is $100, $200, $400 then enter in $400 for the max price. We’ll use sub searches later to filter these out from the main search term.
  • Category ID – Enter the numerical value of the eBay category ID. This is not mandatory.
  •  Condition – Click the Condition field and select the conditions to be searched.
  • Site – Select the eBay site to search by country.
  • Located In – The listing item location.
  • Ship Zipcode – Zipcode where items are shipped to. This will calculate total cost for items with calculated shipping.
  • Interval – Set at zero for max performance. Otherwise set a higher interval time in minutes and seconds if:
    • infrequently posted
    • low competition
    • non priority item (wish to reserve more resources for more competitive/frequently posted items)
NOTE: Most users will just use these main search terms and not the sub searches below.

Sub Search Terms

  • Click the “+” icon to the right of the “Alias” name. A new sub search column will appear under the main search group name.
  • Assign your sub search an internal name for easy identification
  • Set change price, keyword and set filters (if needed) for each sub search.

Other Notes About Search Setup

  • You can include the sub search field into the main results grid by right clicking the column header > Column / Band Chooser and drag the “Sub Search” field to the results grid.
  • You may use advanced search parameters such as “-” , quotations etc. just as you would in eBay.com search for the main search only. If need to use parameters for sub searches, use the filters features.
  • Sub search fields SITE, LOCATED IN, SHIPS TO, SHIP ZIPCODE, SELLERS, SELLER TYPE will carry the main search settings and do not need to be entered. These will show up with a dark background. Fields that can be modified in sub searches will be white.

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